Aug 21, 2013

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 Cracked 2013

Description Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Consultant Edition v8.0.2012.08.08: Website security is possibly today’s most overlooked aspect of securing the enterprise and should be a priority in any organization. Hackers are concentrating their efforts on web-based applications – shopping carts, forms, login pages, dynamic content, etc. Web applications are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and control valuable data since they often have direct access to backend data such as customer databases.

Acunetix WVS automatically checks your web applications for SQL Injection, XSS other web vulnerabilities.
Ensures your website is secure against web attacks
* Automatically checks for SQL injection & Cross site scripting vulnerabilities
* Checks password strength on authentication pages (HTTP or HTML forms)
* Scans Javascript / AJAX applications for security vulnerabilities
* Automatically audits shopping carts, forms, dynamic content and other web applications
Creates professional website security audit reports.

Screen shoots Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

Installation & Cracking:

Extract Winrar File With Winrar. password is haxseeker
2) After Extracting Install "2012_07_04_01_webvulnscan8.exe" file in extracted folder.
3) Navigate to
[C:\Program Files (x86)\Acunetix\Web Vulnerability Scanner 8\]
[C:\Program Files\Acunetix\Web Vulnerability Scanner 8\]
4) Donot open after installing
5) After installation copy Activation.exe and Wvs.exe to the installed folder of acunetix , relace it with other present there.
6) Now last step open acunetix and enter this key details when required.

Enter below details:

License Key: 2e3b81463d2s56ae60dwe77fd54f7d60
Name: Hmily/[LCG]
Company: Www.52PoJie.Cn
Telephone: 110

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