Aug 26, 2013

Change Facebook's Posted via text

1.Some 'Posted Via'
Have you noticed that when you update your Facebook status from a mobile, Facebook adds a "Posted via Mobile" link at the bottom of it? You can change that to say hilarious things like "via Carrier Pigeon" or "via My Bedroom." To do this, just go to PostedVia, choose a delivery option and update your status or post to a friend's wall.

 MSA Pc World
I posted this status from the unreleased iPhone 5 ;)

2.Posted Via Anything – Facebook Tutorial
Here’s a really simple way to create your own posted via anything app for Facebook. The first thing you need to do is to create a new app on the Facebook App Developers page. Click +Create App in the top right hand corner and a box will appear asking for the App Name. The app name you choose will appear as the posted from device.

Click Continue and fill in the necessary boxes as it says. You don’t need to fill them all in, just the following:
- App Info
- App Name
- Contact Info
- Contact Email (your email address)
- Privacy Policy URL (you can use your own, or any random site here)
- User Support Email (your email address again)

Under the App Images section change the Icon to whatever you wish to be placed on the posted via part of your status.
After all this is done click Save Changes, then you are ready to post via your chosen device. Copy your App ID from the top of the page and replace the red text from the following URL

Just simply copy and paste this into your address bar with your App ID and write your status. Have fun!

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