Aug 7, 2013

Hacking WEP using Gerix Wifi Cracker in Backtrack 5

• Hacking WiFi using Gerix WiFi Cracker in Backtrack 5

In the previous post we saw how to hack WEP key using the Console and the Fern WiFi Cracker, now we shall be hacking the WEP using a different tool/utility called as Gerix Cracker that is already installed on Backtrack 5.

It is a GUI based application which is used to hack WiFi.

To open up the Gerix WiFi Cracker follow this path>>
BackTrack > Exploitation Tools > Wireless Exploitation Tools > WLAN Exploitation > gerix-wifi-cracker-ng

Once you see the visual interface select the configuration tab .
Now you need to enable Set Random MAC and Enable Monitor Mode.First click on the WiFi interface and then Enable Monitor Mode.

Then, Rescan the network and select the channel.
Now Click on the WEP tab and click on the ' Start Sniffing and Logging .

Click on the Perform a test if injection AP To verify that you are close enough to the access point .

  • Now once you have collection more than 5000 to 10000 packets , now time to crack the encryption.
  • To crack the WEP Encryption , Use Aircrack-ng
  • So , first go to the Cracking Tab and the click on the ' Aircrack-ng - Decrypt WEP Password '.
  • Once you click it , the aircrack will start cracking the key . 

You will get your key once it has collected the packets required...If not, then try again aftre it collects many packets...
You can also check out in the database to store it!

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