Aug 28, 2013

How To Shutdown Your Computer With a Mobile Phone From Anywhere

Hi friends you can now shutdown your PC. from anywhere and to do so follow the Steps...enjoy the tricks

=> Follow the steps:-
open outlook Go to tools-
Click on send receive-

Go to send receive settings-
Now click on define send receive groups-
There you can see a option schedule an automatic send and receive every-
Tick the check box and set the time 1 minute and close this dialog box.-
Now again go to tools and open rules and alerts-
A dialog box will open click on set the new rules-
A new dialog box will open and there is a option-Select from a blank rule-
Click on check message when they arrive-
Click next now rules wizard will open -
Click on the second check box with specific words in the subject-
Now in this dialog box go to step 2-
click on the underlined word specific words-
Now search text will open -
in this type shutdown and click on add, click on ok-
Now click on next rules wizard will open again -
In the check box click on start application-
Now go to step 2 in the dialog box and click on the underlined words start application-
Select and application to execute dialog box will open -
In the file type select all files and select the file you have already created at desktop-
Now click on open rules wizard will open again click on the check box named except if the subject contains -

The specific words now go to step to and click on the underlined specific words-
Search text will open type shutdown click on add now click ok-
Rules wizard will open click on finish-
Now click on ok and apply-

Next time when will you send a message with the subject shutdown and the content words shutdown your computer will we shut down. this trick can work with a simple mobile if any site can send mobile sms to a mail address.

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