Aug 15, 2013

Post On FB with Fake Name

Post On FB with Fake Name

Hello friends We are bake with a crazy FB tricks which make your friends shock with your fb Status With a Fake Name.Its very amazing and crazy which make your status can add any contact and text as your requirement.

Make your Status With a Fake Name.

In imge we Defiend a fb Status with a Fake Name.

Now Follow several step to Make a Status With a Fake name.

1.Go to this Website from here.

2.Then Click on Connect button after then allow the apps to connect to your facebook account.

3.Then the wall machine box appear. This box is customizable edit names and Photos.

4.After the all steps are completed then click on save button.

5.Then open your save file in new tab and take a photo by print screen.
Now Check it and give your review for it.
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