Aug 4, 2013

Reasons to Buy an Android Phone

Author: martinclarke

Android phones are ruling the world mainly because of the varieties options that are available with choosing the phone. Also though there are varieties in phones that use the android OS there are still many common factors existing with this platform, making it the highest selling mobile in the world. Let us discuss some good reasons, why android phones are preferred over its rivals.
1. Open platform:
This is perhaps one great thing about android which also offers its competitive advantage over its powerful rivals. Its open source platform offers its users the advantage of having enormous support groups to solve technical problems and to get help. This also supports innovation and offers freedom for its users to contribute their ideas and applications for the integrity of the platform.
2. Applications and customization:
Most of the dominant operating platforms do not have any scope for customisation. They are provided with default themes and browsers and are provides with limited options, with no alternatives to choose from. But on the other hand, android has the advantage of customising the phone settings for all functions. Mobile applications that are downloaded from its market are compatible with all android handsets, enhancing the customisation function further.
3. Its association with Google:
Android has been released and is supported by Google, and therefore android handsets works well with Gmail, Google docs and other applications. All Google settings such as gtalk get copied to the device automatically and some of the Google products such as Google maps are helpful for easy navigation even in a foreign land. Google voice, an internet based voice communication system that helps in communication over the internet has become the best application of android phones. And Google supports all these android applications that could be used easily between their PC and their phone.
4. Multiple hardware supporters:
Unlike many mobile OS that are controlled by their sole makers android has variety of supporters such as LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC etc. PC manufacturers such as Dell and Acer have also started to market Android based products giving range of products for their customers to choose from.
5. Multitasking:
The OS has the ability to run multiple applications at the same time. It is possible to listen to music, receive notification and record GPS data at the same time with Android.
6. Attractive Prices:
The most favourable thing with Android users is that, the handsets are available at their budget. They are definitely cost effective than other OS based handsets and are affordable by all classes of people. Acer and Samsung phones are available in the range of 9k and Samsung, HTC presents android based phone at the range of 12k-15k.
Perhaps it is based on these factors that android remains to be a tough competitor with decent market shares in the mobile industry. It is good to have the latest trends of the mobile industry in mind and buy the best fitting phone for one's needs in the android platform.

About the Author
Martin Clarke is fond of computer software, everytime they want to collect details of why buy Android Phone and top 10 list for getting other people know about the technology's best inventions.
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