Aug 4, 2013

Windows 8 Forgotten Password Reset

Author: George Brush

How to reset forgotten password on Windows 8? This article will show you the methods to remove or reset Windows 8 password in different situations: forgot password or not forgot password, have password reset disk or have no password reset disk.
Case 1: Still can get into computer with the administrator privilege
Solution 1: Windows 8 forgotten password reset with other administrator account
If you still can get into your Windows 8 computer with another account that has administrator privilege, open the Command Prompt (Admin) screen, and type in the command: Net User
Solution 2: Windows 8 forgotten password reset with PIN code or picture password
If you have a PIN code or picture password, and still remember them, you can get into computer with them, and then remove or reset windows 8 password through Computer Manage.
Step1: Get into windows 8 computer, press Windows +X (or click on the Start button) to open the Start Menu
Step2: Right-click on Computer, select Manage
Step3: Expand the computer management list: System Tools → Local Users and Groups → Users
Step4: Double-click on the Users, on the user list, right-click on your user account name, select Set password …
Step5: When the hint message pups up, click on Proceed to continue, and follow the wizard to finish the steps.
Case 2: Locked out of computer but have a Windows 8 password reset disk
Solution 3: Reset Windows 8 forgotten password with password reset disk
If you have created a Windows 8 password reset disk before forgot password, you can use it to reset forgotten password quickly and simply.
Step1: Go to the windows logon screen, type in a wrong password, press Enter, and then you will get a wrong password hint message
Step2: Click on OK, and then click on the Password reset … link below the password text box
Step3: When the password reset wizard gets up, click on OK, and follow the instructions to finish the operation.
Case 3: Locked out of computer and have no password reset disk
Solution 4: Remove Windows 8 forgotten password with a USB.
Forgot Windows 8 password, locked out of computer, and have no password reset disk. In this case, you can remove password with a bootable USB that created with a password reset program.
Step1: Prepare a USB and get Vodusoft Windows password reset standard program from an accessible pc.
Step2: Insert the USB into the pc, and run Vodusoft password reset program, click USB device, click Begin burning to create a bootable USB disk.
Step3: Set computer to boot from USB drive.
  •  3.1 When the USB disk created successfully, take the USB insert into your Windows 8 locked computer.
  • 3.2 Start/restart your locked computer, when the logo appears, press Boot Menu key repeatedly until the Boot Menu appears.
  • 3.3 Use Up and Down key to move to the USB device, press Enter.
Step4: Remove Windows 8 forgotten password following the instructions
  • 4.1 When the Vodusoft Password Reset Wizard comes up, select windows 8 system, click on your user account.
  • 4.2 Click Reset, click Yes to remove password.
  • 4.3 Click Reboot, unplug USB device, click Yes to restart pc.
Step5: When go to the windows 8 logon screen, you can click on the account and get into computer without password.

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