Aug 4, 2013

Windows 8 or Windows 7 - which one to pick?

Author: Nancy J. Willett

In these present times most of us cant imagine our lives without advanced technologies and all the many benefits were being offered simply because somebody has invented them sometime in past times, decades of years ago. Can you imagine just how helpless we would be if each one of these would vanish in a trice?
Remarkable minds have created what we see all around us and have committed their whole lives to developing their innovations to such magnitude as we see them at present, they had an aspiration and they pursued it! In this informative article, specifically, I would like to speak about computers. No doubt, hands down it is probably the most impressive thing man has ever created - it fascinates by its potential!
Tracing the origin of the personal computers, it is worth to mention that it all began with a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen - their aspiration was that every house had a personal computer on the desktop, so what you say, have they accomplished this task up until now? Answer affirmative. Obviously, building a personal computer is great, however in order for it to function and begin working you will need an operating-system.
The first one was MS-DOS but soon eradicated, no matter the efficiency it had, MS-DOS turned out to be tough to comprehend for most people. Finally, in 1983 was exposed to the general public the very first operating system windows, generally known as Windows 1.0 . Ladies and gentleman, are you aware to what have we come to in these modern times?
The possibilities of our pcs are remarkable, not only that we can easily type on them, view photos, make videos, keep evidence of something but by using it we even have access to the net, the world wide web. Which means that in today's times our possibilities are amazing, not needed to say about the advantages of the internet.
But judging by the specific situation of the present times, would you need to make use of the os Microsoft 1.0 ? Well, I doubt it. But why? Obviously, depending upon the operating system the velocity, the capacities, the potential of our computers is bigger or smaller.
The final version of Windows introduced by Microsoft is Windows 8, so many of you may be asking yourselves at the moment about what the difference between the final version presented and Windows 7 is. It would be really ideal for you to check out .
This website page will present you Windows 8 vs Windows 7 arguments. As well, there you will find a Windows 7 performance test comparatively to the one of the last introduced version of the renowned os. Once again, if you need to have your ideas clear regarding the topic of which version you should use better, visit the previously mentioned website.

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