Aug 4, 2013

Windows 8 the ultimate upgrade

Author: Christopher Hedge

You should upgrade to windows 8 for the following reasons that will be explained later in the article:
  1. 1.       More secure than Windows 7
  2. 2.       More productive while playing with the alt+tab feature.
  3. 3.       New nice features
  4. 4.       Why new start function? Why no more start menu? Why the full start screen?
  5. 5.       Nice personalization Features
  6. 6.       Nice Microsoft Account Feature
  7. 7.       Good IE full screen
  1. 8.       Apps like angry birds have been developed
  2. 9.       Windows Phone 8 is a lot like this.
  3. 10.   A lot of Office 365 Home Premium pair able features ( see my article on this too)
  4. 11.   Fast, like water flowing through a pipe.
  5. 12.   Three editions fit for your needs. However no Windows 8 Home Premium.
  6. 13.   A wrap up of why Windows (PC and Phone) 8 is the ultimate upgrade
  1. 1.          More secure than Windows 7.
Windows 8 is more secure because A, it is a new operating system (obviously), B, Microsoft tied a lot of loopholes that Windows 7 had (and Vista loopholes due to 7 as a rebirth), C, a lot of security companies have very good offers like Kaspersky Lab and Norton. In addition, this may be a pain, but Microsoft security essentials always turns on when no anti-virus is installed. Yes, there are still Windows 7 lovers out there but they need to face the facts I'm afraid.
  1. 2.          More productive with the alt+tab feature.
The alt+tab feature lets you switch between apps. Like if you are a teen and you have a surface for example (see my article coming soon), and you need to write a report, but you want to beat a record in Angry Birds, and your mom or dad checks on you can just use the attachable keyboard (on the surface and select models) and press alt then tab then select the correct app like Microsoft word in which I am using to write this article.
  1. 3.          New nice features
The new charms feature makes quick changes, searching, going to start, sharing, and seeing your connected devices a snap. View this visual. Last for this section, if you are a run around, windows 8 is more energy efficient than any other edition of windows. It is able to gear energy usage like windows XP.
4.   Why new start function? Why no more start menu? Why the full start screen? Three questions that are frequently asked that I can answer. The new start function is Microsoft's new "metro" look that was supposedly stolen by a german man. The start screen was Microsoft's sign of evolution. The blocky-clean look is also in office 2013 regular and client for office 365.The full screen is to pair with the new apps in the Windows store.
5. Nice personalization features.
The new personalization features allow you to make your account yours. Your personal password screen is the same color as your start screen. All desktop personalization features are the same. The full screen for basic personalization feature is located in the settings charm (cursor to right corner + settings + change pc settings).
6. Nice Microsoft Account Feature.
The new Microsoft account feature makes switching or setting up an account on a new computer is a breeze. If you want one there is a fifty cent fee to confirm that you are an adult. They say half goes to charity and the other half goes to the company, but no one is sure of that yet. Ok, back to the topic in this section. When you set your account as a Microsoft account all of your settings are copied so you will not have to make new connections, create your theme that you have on your other PC,  social network settings are included, and all of your shortcuts (if you have the same programs installed or are waiting to be installed.
7. Good Internet Explorer (IE) Full screen.
The internet explorer full screen (metro mode) is nice for people who do not like the taskbar. It works like the internet app (Android) and safari (iOS).  You can open a new tab by right clicking and click the + button on the top. You can also view other tabs there. The desktop mode is the same thing as in other versions of Windows.
8. Apps like Angry Birds have been developed.
Some applications that you love on your tablet or smartphone like angry birds have been developed to work from the Windows Store, a new app to get more apps. However, not all apps are free yet. Also, a windows store gift card has not been released however may be coming this Christmas.
9. Windows Phone 8 is a lot like this.
   Windows phone 8 has the same blocky interface but no desktop. However it is like a PC phone more than any other windows phone. Windows store is included with Windows phone 8 too. See my review next year (when my upgrade comes har har).
10. A lot of Office 365 Home Premium pair able features (see my article on this too).
Office 365 Home Premium the plan of office geared towards home clients. There is a section for SkyDrive in Change PC Settings (Charms bar + settings). You can view all of your files there too.
11. Fast, like water flowing through a pipe.
Windows 8 is even faster than Windows 7. All I can say is Fast start-up, fast troubleshooting, and fast set-up.
12. Three editions fit for your needs. However no Windows 8 Home Premium.
There are three editions of Windows 8. Windows 8 regular aimed towards normal users and home users. Windows 8 Pro is designed for small and medium businesses. Windows 8 enterprise is aimed towards large corporations. Any edition has the same interface but different perks.
  1. 14.             A wrap up of why Windows (PC and Phone) 8 is the ultimate upgrade.
Windows 8 is the ultimate upgrade because it is windows for tablet, laptops, and desktops. Windows 8 is clearly better than Mac OS X 10.8+. It is to modernize your life.

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