Sep 14, 2013

5 Habits That Ruin A Website

Author: Nabeela Zafar

Internet is now a huge web which has tangled each and every person in this planet in its magical world of rapid communication. People are connected to each other from all over the world; however it is possible that some may take unfair advantage of this opportunity.

If a person has made a website, it gives him certain rights over it such as he has the right to promote it wherever he can. Another right is that he can upload any kind of picture he has of his family, pets or himself. He also possesses a right to upload any kind of content that is available to him.

For those people who hate online success of cyberspace, here is a list of 5 ways to ruin any website.

1. Make Website As Messy As Up To The Potential

Nothing makes visitors leave quicker than a messy website that is hard to browse. So if you want people to never visit your site then put as much junk as you can on the homepage or on the other website pages. Another way is to generate the links to the other website pages hard to find. If you have included many forms, pictures, pop-ups and banners, many people will also not visit your website again. Another way to do the same is to hide the most important content hidden from the user.

2. Do not Update The Website

One of the most important ways to generate traffic on you website is to update the contents of your website regularly. Failure to do that will push visitors to the frustration point where they will never visit your website again. They will perceive that you care nothing about the website and that you have no new content to offer them.

3. Do not Advertise Your Website

Proper advertising on many platforms will cost a lot of money but should generate a very good amount of traffic to your website. So to ruin your website, be sure never to advertise it. You can promote your website through free programs, softwares or free websites which will generate little or no traffic to your website.

4. Sell A Bad Product On Your Website

Selling of any good product on your website online can find you a really good reputation. A good reputation on the internet can fetch you extremely high number of sales and rapid increase in the number of customers. To have the opposite, find the worst products and sell them on your website, making the customers so agitated that they would destroy your reputation whenever they get the chance on each and every platform.
5. Never Answer Any Queries

If someone telephones or emails you with a query about your website or products that you sell on your website, do not reply. Not replying will give the reason that you the customers have no importance in your eyes which will definitely drive them away.
These are just some of the tactics which you should adopt to repel any customer who visit your site.

About the Author
Nabeela Zafar enjoys writing about latest tech news, gadgets, social media, gaming and Fashion. She is a writer for the websites eTech Hut and The Amazing Buzz.
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