Sep 30, 2013

Five Common Mistakes Should be Avoid

Author: James

In every Software development company developers doing very common mistakes regularly while developing any website which should be avoid if you want to make a good website. Mostly developers do big mistakes when they elaborate a website with flash graphics and sound tracks, but all it really does is distract from your content. Providing the most user-friendly experience should be at the top of your list when thinking about a website redesign. Don't think of the mind of developer, just think with the visitor mind then you should do well.
Here are five common website mistakes to avoid:

1 - Flash

The most important thing about flash is getting slow, if you put flashy content on your site it will take too long to open as long as visitor quite your website with frustration. Plain and simple, just don't use it.  There are other ways now to achieve a similar effect and far too often ‘Flash' is about trying too hard to impress people.

2 - Video and Music on Page Load

 As we all know that video content is critical in today's web browsing times, approximately 90% visitors viewed content online now being video. Don't allow it to play as soon visitor come on the site. You should give a choice to users whether they want to see or not.

3 - Advertising

Unless your business' only profits stream is advertising, you should never put a banner ad or Google AdWords on your site just for a few extra dollars. The purpose of your website is to make business not promoting to other companies on your site with these ads network. Putting ads next to your content decreases its sensed value.

4 - Low or High Contrast

The theme is most important part of any website which shows your credibility on developing and designing mode. So, have you ever been to a website that has white text on a black background? It may look good from a design view, but it definitely hurt eyes while reading. Don't insert those colors or contrast that make reading your content more difficult for users. There are lots of examples are available like visit "Software Companies Malaysia ". You just see the color contrast and background theme which is pretty awesome.

5 - Pop-up-Windows

There is little more annoying than opening a web page to be greeted by a bunch of pop-up windows. So you should avoid this mistake too if you want to make a good website.
These five common mistakes are pretty easy to avoid if developers just concentrate and think with a user mind.

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