Sep 14, 2013

Google Plus Themes

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What is Google Plus?

Google launched its own social network in an attempt to challenge Facebook with a service that ties together all its existing sites including Gmail.

Google plus is structured in a remarkably similar way to Facebook, with profile pictures and news feeds forming a central core.

However, a user's friends or contacts are grouped into specific circles of their choosing - as opposed to the common pool of friends typical on Facebook.

Google plus started rolling out to a limited number of users in what the company is calling a field trial.

Only those invited to join will initially be able to use the service. Google did not say when it would be more widely available.

The service does not currently feature advertising.

What Makes Google Plus So Special?

draft_lens18219067module151832751photo_1 To create Google plus, the company went back to the drawing board in the wake of several notable failures, including Google Wave and Google Buzz, a micro-blogging service whose launch was marred by privacy snafus.

'We learned a lot in Buzz, and one of the things we learned is that there's a real market opportunity for a product that addresses people's concerns around privacy and how their information is shared,' said Google spokesman Bradley Horowitz.

Google drew more than one billion visitors worldwide to its websites in May, more than any other company, according to web analytics firm comScore.

But people are spending more time on Facebook - the average U.S. visitor spent 375minutes on Facebook in May, compared with 231minutes for Google.

Google plus seems designed to make its online properties a pervasive part of the daily online experience, rather than being spots where web surfers occasionally check in to search for a website or check email.

As with Facebook's service, Google+ has a central web page that displays an ever-updating stream of the comments, photos and links being shared by friends and contacts.

A toolbar across the top of most of Google's sites - such as its main search page, its Gmail site and its Maps site - allows users to access their personalised data feed. They can then contribute their own information to the stream.

Google plus will also offer a special video chat feature, in which up to ten people can jump on a conference call.

And Google will automatically store photos taken on mobile phones on its Internet servers, allowing a Google+ user to access the photos from any computer and share them.
Expansion: Chief executive Larry Page is keen to build Google's social networking presence

Expansion: Chief executive Larry Page is keen to build Google's social networking presence

Google chief executive Larry Page has made social networking a top priority at the world's number one Internet search engine, whose position as the main gateway to online information could be at risk as people spend more time on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Google Plus themes for Google Chrome

Give Google Chrome browser look of Google+ user interface by using free Google+ Plus themes for Google Chrome web browser. These themes change color and look of menu bar and browsing window of Chrome resembling to that of Google+ Plus website.

Google Plus themes inspired - This Google+ theme for Chrome browser is inspired from Google Plus website. Of course, it is an unofficial theme but looks very cool.
Google Plus Themes
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