Sep 16, 2013

Hack Orkut : Orkut Hacking Software

Author: Hacking Artist

"Orkut Hacking Software"

This is the keyword, and finally via google or yahoo etc etc, you come to this article, Right ?
Obviously, everyone search softwares, so that they can hack orkut account of victim (anyone,from a third person to even your wife or husband). That is why "Orkut Hacking Software" or say "Orkut Password Hacking Software" is one of the most searched term on internet. Just for curiosity, When I search for "Orkut Hacking Software",Google displayed 580,000 results, hmmmmmmmm. And when i search for "Orkut password hacking software", Google displayed 211,000 results.
And there are millions of such foolish things are still present on internet. Most of Orkut Hacking Software  are claiming that they can hack Orkut database.friendz, I am writing this article to inform that there no such things like "Orkut Hacking Software" or  "Orkut Password Hacking Software". This does not means you can not hack orkut of anyone. Yes, you can. You can hack orkut account anyone but without "Orkut Hacking Software" or "Orkut Password Hacking Software" or such boolish things. I know that how to hack orkut account (yes, it is about hacking orkut account and not orkut) and I will explain but first i will explain how these foolish things i.e. Orkut Hacking Software and Password Hacking Software works.

Orkut Hacking Sofware : Reality :

As everyone do, I downloaded a so called "Orkut Hacking Software" and installed it on my machine. When I run " ***** Orkut Hacking Software", a window displayed asking me following things : 1) My Orkut Username
2) Password for a so called "Orkut Hacking Software"
3) and Victim's Orkut Username.
Friendz, Aware!!!! When you are typing password for so called "Orkut Hacking Software", you may type same password as your orkut account.(Yes, atleast 10% people do this). Instead of "Hacking Orkut Account of Victim", you are got hacked by "Orkut Hacking Software"(So, I am wrong, it is really "Orkut Hacking Software" who hacked you!!!).
In another instance, When I install a trial version of "Orkut Hacking Software" and run it, it asked me just victim's Orkut Username(I thought it is not fraud!!!). And on submitting same after some time a message is displayed on it (Orkut hacking software) . The message is
"We Successfully retrieved Orkut Password of Victim. You have to buy ***** Orkut Hacking Software to see the password".
Full version costs only 80 pounds.
And you paid 80 pounds for a system which does not work ever.

Can I Hack Orkut ?

Don't get disappointed friendz…..Yes you can hack orkut without help of such "Orkut Hacking Software". Basically there are following ways  to hack Orkut Orkut account of victim :
1) Orkut Hacking by Javascript  (Most used from last 2 years and most working)
2) Orkut Hacking by keylogging (Useful on public computer/if you have access to victims machine).
3)Orkut Hacking by Google Account Hacking Tricks (Sometimes works).
4) Orkut Hacking by phishing (My favourite and somewhat difficult).
1) Orkut Hacking by Javascript (Most used from last 2 years and most working) :
Do you receive any message showing "hot orkut theme" ? Do clicked onit ? If answer is ‘yes',you were hacked. Yes it is most used orkut hacking type nowdays. When you click on such link, Orkut cookie (which is stored on your  machine) is stolen and in turn your orkut account password is hacked.
2) Orkut Hacking by keylogging (Useful on public computer/if you have access to victims machine) :
Key logger is s/w which tracks key strokes you made on your key board. Day by day technology is developing and today key loggers come with following features in addition to basic key logging feature :
1) Hidden Mode : Not visible in task manager or program files or programs.
2) Auto email : Automatically Send emails to  hackers email address.
3) Undetectable by Anti virus s/w.
3)Orkut Hacking by Google Account Hacking Tricks (Sometimes works).
It is quite different way of orkut hacking. As everyone know,every orkut account require a email address as user name. You can use either email address from Google(Gmail) address or email address from any third third party email client (e.g. Yahoo,Hot mail etc). So, if you hacked gmail account, that mean you hacked orkut account too.
4) Orkut Hacking by phishing (My favourite and somewhat difficult) :
Phishing is yet another way of Orkut hacking. You can hack orkut even though you do not have direct access to victims machine. i.e. remote hacking. In better words, phishing is is tricking victim to gain his/her user name and password. The basic requirement for orkut phishing is orkut phisher and anonymous email client.
Click here for indepth tutorials explaining Orkut Hacking by javascript, Keylogging and Phishing.
I think, You have got a idea about these Orkut hacking softwares. So Be Wise and Be Hacker who really hacks.
Best Luck Guys!!!

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