Sep 13, 2013

How to customize your Windows Desktop

Do you know that you can make your boring (and mostly crowded with folders and files) :D  Windows Desktop to something really cool and something which suits your style? Well, recently made up my desktop customized to my style and need and I’m gonna share it with you.
To begin with I like to let you guys know about a open source project, called the “Rainmeter”. Rainmeter is the best known and most popular desktop customization program for Windows. Its a robust toolkit and performs well in all Windows OS from WinXP till Win8. And the best part is that it really easy to create and modify our own skins in its simple language and its totally free.

I have used this toolkit for the customization , so download the Rainmeter toolkit first.
You can get the latest Rainmeter for your PC from

After downloading, install and run it. You can see that the rainmeter already comes bundled with a few themes which shows almost all possible plugins and skins which can be created with Rainmeter.

I recommend you to have a look through its basic usages, which is well documented in their site:

Once you have got the idea of adding skin and using themes.. Now its time to get the themes and skins you want and edit it to suit your needs. There great community working behind Rainmeter and you can find a lot of its themes/skins from DevianArt group of Rainmeter:

Grab your favorite theme/skin from there and start editing it. You can also mix up different skins in different themes to make something unique which fits perfect for you. Like my custom made theme, which I call the “iDesireBlue Theme” (:P)

You can download my iDesireBlue theme from DevianArt, here’s the link:

Hope you liked it :) please share this post :)

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