Sep 10, 2013

How to Open Blocked Sites & Unblock Youtube Access in Pakista

Restricting access to major sites is becoming a trend in conservative government around the world. Somehow this case in Pakistan was pretty intense and affected a lot of fields including web world.YouTube largest video sharing website was also blocked in this incident.Few months ago I shared software method to Unblock YouTube in Pakistan which received overwhelming response.This time I have planed to share the method which doesn’t include installing of any software which work pretty well for all other websites as well.

How to Open Blocked Site?

Open any of these websites and place Web Address of Blocked site i.e

How to Unblock

These SSL proxy surfing sites were working fine the time we posted. This method can also be used to Unblock Access of any Blocked website whether you are in office, college, school or university, although it affects speed sometime.

2nd Method to Open Blocked site (Alternative)

Download & Install one of Software’s Below:

Download Hotspot Shield
Download Ultra Surf .zip file Recommended

All you need to do install any of these software, run the application you installed and start surfing blocked site. Most of these applications comes with a lot of ads with time i.e HotSpot Shield

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