Sep 10, 2013

How to Unblock Banned / Restricted / Blocked Sites

Whether you want to unblock a site that is being blocked by your network administrator or you want to view a site that is restricted in your country; in either case, you can unblock a site through these four simple ways. The first method involves a proxy site to access a restricted website, the second one uses HotSpot Shield, the third one utilizes Spotflux, the fourth one uses IP Changing Softwares, and the fifth one makes use of Tor Browser.

Unblock Websites using Proxy Sites

This method is useful if you want to view a website that is being blocked by network administrator at your office or at your school. For example, if you are a student, you can access Facebook if the network administrator has banned it at your college or school. Here is a list of some proxy sites that can be used to view banned or restricted sites.

HideMyAss (
kProxy (
ProxySiteList (
UnblockProxy (
ProxyUFree (

Proxy Sites do not let you set fake IP of your choice. To overcome this limitation, you have to use an IP Changing software.

Unblock Websites using HotSpot Shield

This is probably the best method to unblock a restricted site as not only it works on all websites but also is extremely easy to use. You might have noticed that some of the proxy sites mentioned above doesn’t open some sites properly like,, etc. With Hotspot Shield, you are guaranteed that every site will work 100% correctly. Simply download HotSpot shield from, install it, run it and whoalla; you are all set to browse your favorite websites without any trouble, safe and anonymously.

Unblock Websites using Spotflux

If you are using Hotspot shield, you must have realized that it slows down internet quite much. And its free version is a pain in the a** without any doubt. So say hello to Spotflux, another software by which you can unblock websites without any hassle. All you have to do is to download Spotflux from, install it, enable it and you are all set to unblock your favorite websites. And since the product is investor backed, you will not see any sort of ads; at least for the time being. So far, we believe that Spotflux has a noticeable edge over Hotspot Shield so give it a try.

Unblock Websites using IP Changing Softwares

This method is useful if you want to access a site which is not available (restricted) in your country. For example, is only available in USA. What if you want to watch an episode of your favorite show but you’re not living in USA? Simple, use an IP Changing software, set your IP to USA and whoalla, you are all set to enjoy your favorite show. Here are some IP Changing softwares that you can use to set IP of your choice.

UltraSurf (
HideMyIP (
AutoHideIP (
Anonymizer (

IP Changer (

Unblock Websites using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the most popular methods to not only unblock restricted sites but also to maintain your online anonymity. All you have to do is to download Tor Browser Bundle from, install the bundle, run Tor and whoalla, you are all set to unblock any website you want. However, if you want towatch online videos (let say on, you have to do some configuration. Click Here to read step-by-step guide on how to configure Tor Browser to view videos on Youtube (the configuration process will not take more than 5 minutes).

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