Sep 13, 2013

How to Use Dot TK Domain With Blogger Blog (Video)

Whoever you are, you should have a blog where you should write anything because it helps the blog owner to share what he/she knows and it helps blog readers to learn something new that they do not know so even if you are a doctor or engineer you should write about your life and experience because every single person experiences different things from the other person so if they share it then it will help everyone. So, if you are going to make a blog then go ahead Blogger is for you but if you want to buy hosting then there is nothing better than WordPress but if you are starting then Blogger is the best choice and as you know we’ll get a long URL for our blog with at the end of URL so if you want to use Dot TK domain with Blogger blog then this article will help you.

Dot TK Domain With Blogger Blog – Video Tutorial

Dot TK domain is just like other top level domains but it’s not a top level domain itself. First we have to sign up on Dot TK website you can easily make your own account if you are able to use 0.1% of your brain :D So after getting a .tk domain all you need to do is to go to your Blogger account and then watch the video tutorial below :)  

OR Video Link

How to Redirect Naked Custom Domain to www

Now after complete verification and connection between Blogger and Dot TK account there is one more important thing to do which is to add another record in your Dot TK domain’s DNS settings which is A-record so screen shot below will help you that how to add it.

Another thing you have to do on Blogger side is to check a box which helps us in redirection so I think screen shot is better than writing a lot of words.

I’m Sure You Need Help!

I know the video tutorial wasn’t so good :) that’s why I’m damn sure that you need help so please without any hesitation ask anything about this video tutorial in the comments.

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