Sep 8, 2013

Mistakes to avoid during iPhone App Development

Author: Yogesh Patel

iPhone application development is the latest trend in the world of mobile technology. All thanks to the Apple iPhone's unbeatable popularity, success and seamless flexibility of supporting thousands of apps.  It has indeed changed the way the users used to operate their smartphones by making it easier, friendlier and flexible. However, with such an immense fans following it has become vital for the iPhone app developers to deliver high-quality apps that can be a source of entertainment for them.
On the other hand, with such fans following it is obvious that the requirements and expectations for the iPhone apps will be at its peak. As a result, many novice iPhone application developers can get stressed easily, while developing their iPhone apps. This could lead into some silly mistakes while developing the app. So, let's go through some of the most common mistakes which could be avoided by the iPhone app developers during the iPhone app development process.
  1. Most of the new iPhone app developers are anxious when it comes to app development. They try their best to include everything, which they know about iPhone programming. This further lead to complicated and non-user-friendly iPhone applications. It is always advisable to craft simple apps and focus only on those things which are required for the app.
  2. Never opting for any HD graphical contents. The iPhone has basic features such as retina display and all, which are one of its kind. Many novice programmers overlook these capabilities of the iPhone that it gives best results in HD graphical contents. Try to avoid such mistakes and always include some HD graphical contents to make your app stunning.
  3. Resolution and screen size. It is important to keep the resolution or the screen size of the iPhone in mind while developing any application for it. Many developers often integrate huge large size images or video files in their app without considering the screen resolution, which in the end reduces the overall performance of the app.
  4. Don't start the app development process from scratch until it is needed. Many iPhone app programmers take a lot of time while developing the app custom UI elements from scratch. Apple iPhone SDK is integrated with a complete set of built-in dialog, sidebars, buttons, etc. so it is always good to leverage on iPhone SDK itself instead of designing custom UI elements.
  5. In order to make their app more attractive and stylish many times developers integrate animation. This creates issues when the animation is overused. Ultimately, it increases the overall app size and affects the performance of the app. So, always use the animation wisely.
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