Sep 6, 2013

Project J.A.R.V.I.S By Chiragh Dewan & Team

Last week, we informed you all about a project which involved bringing Tony Stark’s artificial intelligence assistant to life. The project is currently under development. Project J.A.R.V.I.S is an operating system which involves using artificial intelligence to make Jarvis act like a personality of its own. The developer team of Project Jarvis has told us that users can control Jarvis with Voice, Gestures and Digital Inputs.
Recently, some new members have also been introduced on Project Jarvis by Chiragh Dewan as stated on his Facebook page. The new members are Krishanu Kashyap, Ashwani Garg, Alok Saini and Utkarsh Agarwal.

Boot Screen of J.A.R.V.I.S Operating System

We’ve also acquired some information on the roles of the people involved in this project.
  • Chiragh Dewan is in-charge of A.I department and also writes the research papers for Project Jarvis.
  • Himanshu Vaishnav is Head Programmer and also in-charge of handling the server.
  • Sravan Kumar Tej is in-charge of Coding the Client Framework.
  • Parveen Yadav is in-charge of Coding and Marketing Manager.
  • Krishanu Kashyap is in-charge of the OS Development.
  • Ashwani Garg is in-charge of handling the Client sides on Mobile.
  • Alok Saini is in-charge of Client side Research and implementing it on the OS.
  • Utkarsh Agarwal is in-charge of the GTK Programming.

The Developer Team has also shared a list of applications which Jarvis will feature.
  1. Virtual assistant for virtual aid.
  2. Automatic data handling.
  3. A new control system leaving touch system behind (by voice and gestures).
  4. A new A.I system with better interaction with world.
  5. Works on human biology to work as the human brain.
  6. Better image recognition and speech recognition.
  7. It learns from its past experiences.
  8. Capable of decision making.
  9. Revolutionizing Robotics.
  10. Technology to fuel the future of I.T industry for the next 50 years.

“We have demonstrated the voice based controls, and their results were quite impressive. We have researched on the gesture technology but we have just started implementing it at the moment.” said Chiragh Dewan. When asked what kind of hardware is being used for demonstrating the gesture based control, Chiragh said, “We won’t be disclosing any details about the hardware at the moment.” Chiragh also told us that the temporary client for Project Jarvis is ready and they’re currently focusing on the Server.

Chiragh Dewan welcomes any contribution toward Project Jarvis and hence, anyone who is interested in joining him on this project can contact him through his Facebook and E-mail. The research papers for Project J.A.R.V.I.S will be uploaded by September 2013.
Contact Details:-
Chiragh Dewan’s Facebook
You can also visit his website here.

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