Sep 12, 2013

Set Password in USB Pendrive Without any Software you

Tonight i'll show you how to set password on USB/Pendrive with out any software.
Lock on usb helps us in many ways coz if we lost our usb than password on it helps us to prevent Data leaking.
So password on flash drive is necessary.
So here is a simple steps to Lock your usb.

1. Go to the flash drive, and put everything in one folder titled Flash
2.On a computer, open notepad (Start+R and type in ‘notepad’)
3.copy the below code and paste it in notepad docement.

type:(Passwordtxt file)@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
title Password

echo Please Enter password…
set /p pass=Pass:
if /i ‘!pass!’==’ENTERYOURPASSWORDHERE’ goto next
echo !pass! is not the password. Try again.
goto START
if exist D:/Flash (
set Jbe=D
if exist E:/Flash (
set Jbe=E
if exist F:/Flash (
set Jbe=F
if exist G:/Flash (
set Jbe=G
if exist H:/Flash (
set Jbe=H
if exist I:/Flash (
set Jbe=I
if exist J:/Flash (
set Jbe=J
if exist K:/Flash (
set Jbe=K
if exist L:/Flash (
set Jbe=L
if exist M:/Flash (
set Jbe=M
start explorer.exe Flash || goto ERROR
echo There was an error opening the file. Would you like
echo to try again???
set /p jam=Yes or No:
if /i ‘%jam%’==’yes’ goto next
if /i ‘%jam%’==’no’ goto seeya
if not defined jam goto ERROR
echo %jam% is an invalid option. Try again.
goto ERROR
echo Well, see ya!
ping -n 2>nul

In password field set your desired password.
1.Once you’ve copied and pasted that into notepad, save as Password.bat in your flash drive
(don’t put it under any folders)
2.Press START+R and type in CMD.
3.Then, type in (The drive is the letter with the colon that is assigned to your flash drive.

attrib Flash +s +h
E: attrib Flash +s +h

Now, you need to put in the password to open your files.
I know it’s a long process, but you’ll appreciate this.

Thanks For Sharing :) 
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