Sep 8, 2013

Top Tips on Choosing the Best Android App Development Company

Author: Yogesh Patel

So you have a good business with a good website. Everything is going good, you are getting enough number of customers and are able to generate great sales via your online presence. But at the same moment you figure out that almost everyone is going on mobile these days. Smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and most importantly Android devices are all around the corner. They are the emerging technologies on which more and more number of people are depending these days.
From buying and selling of products and services to online hotel and flight reservations, inventory management to GPS tracking, social networking to business networking, and so on… the list could be endless; there is an app out there for almost anything and everything.  Almost all people out there using smartphones use these apps on a daily basis. From a business point of view and as a successful businessperson you might have already understood that how important it is for you to opt for android app development services. Not to say, but an android app not only allows you to create brand identity in the smartphone market but at the same time, it also allows you to address your customers. As of May 2013, there are a total of 900 million android devices in the market, which is a major stake for any business owner.
So to conclude it is a smart decision you've made when you decided to opt for android app development services for your business. However, once you've decided, next comes the most complicated task – selection of a professional mobile app development company who can offer you quality services for the same. The question here is; how would you choose the best company for your requirement? What points would you consider? What points you should consider?
Here are all your answers:
  1. Experience: Experience is the first key. You won't like to hire a manager in your office who has no experience, right? Same applies with your android app requirement. Hire a company with a minimum of 3-4 years of industry experience.
  2. Portfolio: How would you judge anyone's experience? You might come across many firms who claim to have years of mobile app development experience. Bottom line, if they are experienced then they must have a portfolio to show. Check out for the apps that they have developed so far. Search in Google Play Store about the apps that they've developed in the past.
  3. What about my industry?: This is a tricky one; most people generally overlook this question. Let me put it in this way, suppose you are a knitwear manufacturer than it is important for you to ask the developer that have they developed any android application for your industry in the past. This will help you to judge their app development skills, particularly to your industry. If the developers have the app in their portfolio then bingo! That's an add-on advantage.
  4. Team strength: One can't develop an app on-time if they are running low on resources. Hence, it is always good to hire a company who has a large team of android app developers. The more they are, the better it is. This will also ensure that they will have a dedicated team leader, technical analyst, as well as a project manager who will look after your project.
  5. Milestones and deliverables: One of the most important aspects about a professional development firm is its pre-defined the milestones and deliverables of every project it takes. Before confirming the project, they will set the milestones, which will allow you to get the actual idea of the project progression phase. They will also outline the deliverables, which eradicates any miscommunication aspects that may arise at a later phase.
  6. Strong communication channel: In your quest to search for the best mobile app development firm, there might be a possibility that your search may lead you to an android app development company in Melbourne or Sydney, whereas your firm might be based in New Zealand. In such case, strong communication is the key towards professionalism. This includes phone, email and chat support, project progression report on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and other such aspects.
  7. Flexible pricing: You may have a high-level and complex android app development requirement such as integrating CRM applications or a complex business management tool. In such a scenario, chances are that your project cost may go up to 10,000 $. Now you don't want to give away such a large sum of money in one go. Hence, many professional firms offer flexible payment options such as 50 % in advance and 50% after the app development, or 40%, 30%, and 30%, and all. Besides, it's not only related to high value project, many firms offer flexible payment terms for all projects, as well.
Finally, I hope that these 7 tips may help you to choose the right android app development company pertaining to your need.

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