Oct 14, 2013

Android Phone Control Pack

Android Phone Control – best keylogger for the operating system Android.
Phone Control – software keylogger incoming / outgoing calls, sms, mms and location. Remote control of the smartphone platform Android, smartphone monitoring of hidden keylogger \ logger.
You can view the phone from the other device, that is, the distance and see all the sms, calls, and do them.
To run the setup application, you must enter the number: 74283 . Phone Control is completely hidden on your phone and there are no icons, so you can safely follow the man.

The program, working in a totally stealth mode, you can:

  • Forward incoming / outgoing SMS as another SMS-message to preset mobile number.
  • Forward incoming / outgoing SMS / MMS to the specified email address.
  • Send notification of an incoming / outgoing call (phone number, time of call and call duration) SMS-message or e-mail.
  • Inclusion in the report of the geographical location of the phone when you send / receive SMS / MMS or incoming / outgoing call.
  • Recording a telephone conversation in the audio file that is attached to the notice of the call (sending only e-mail).
  • Forward phone location coordinates with certain periods of time.
  • Transfer photos and videos taken with the phone (by email only).
  • Remote start / stop phone monitoring with SMS with keywords.
  • Remote start / stop recording microphone via SMS with keywords, sending files by e-mail.
  • Sending the phone’s contacts via SMS with keywords.
  • Forward list of installed applications on the phone using SMS with keywords.
  • Forward bookmarks and history of visited addresses using SMS with keywords.
  • Remote power on / off GPS via SMS with keywords
  • Remote power on / off WiFi using SMS with keywords.
  • Cleaning application configuration via SMS with keywords.


For owners of smartphones on Android version 3.1 or higher must be installed Phone Control Enabler, to enable Phone Control. This free app is available on Android Market.


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