Oct 15, 2013

How to Increase RAM of Your System

Do you Know that you can your USB Drive's Space as a Virtual Ram For your PC and boost up your Pc's Performance. To These There are some Simple Step. 

1: Insert your pen-drive . (must be 2gb+) 
2: Right Click on My Computer and go to its properties. 
3: Click on Advanced tab. 
4: Now you have to click on Change Button Under Virtual memory. 
5: Click on Advanced tab. 
6: Then Select the USB device you have inserted Before.. 
7: Now you have to click on custom size ratio and you have to give values as follows : 
Initial Size - 1020 
Maximum Size - 1020 
Note - This size depends on the memory which is free in your USB device So you can change it according to your choice. 
8: Now click on the set button and then just click on OK button. 
9: Now Just Restart your Pc and you Are done. 

If you have any problem you can comment below we will surely solve it. 
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