Jun 2, 2017

Fasten Up Your Windows XP Boot 2017 [Latest]

In This Tutorial I'll Tell You How to Fasten Up Your Windows XP Boot Step by Step.
Tired Up of your Slow Windows XP Boot Process, try these steps to make it work Faster the Before.

* Open Notepad and Type " del c:\windows\prefetch\ntosboot-*.*/q " (Without Quotes) and save this file as "ntosboot.bat" in C:\drive.

* Go to Run and type in "gpedit.msc" i.e.Group Policy Editor.
* Under "Computer Configuration" open "Windows Setting" and in the right portion double click "Scripts (Startup/Shutdown)" and then double click "Shutdown"
* The New Windows will appear, there click "Add" , the click "Browse" Under "Scripts Name" and locate your "ntosboot.bat" file & Click Open
* Click "OK" , "Apply" & "OK" once again to exit.

After this Process

* in Run type "devmgmt.msc" to open Device Manager.
* Double Click on "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers"
* Right Click on "Primary IDE Channel" and Select "Properties"
* Select the "Advanced Setting" tab, then on the device
1, select 'none' instead of 'autodetect' & click "OK".
* Right click on "Secondary IDE Channel", select "Properties" and Repeat above steps done with
Primary IDE Channel.

* Reboot Your Computer.

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