Jun 2, 2017

Increase Speed of Hard Drive [Latest]

It is a common observation that after sometime our computer slows down due to low performance of hard drive or we have bad hard drive.
This problems happens due to poor or low speed of hard disk.

Poor speed mean the low performance or low speed of reading/writing head of hard drive.
This problem can be solved by increasing the hard disk speed.

Follow these steps to solve your problem:

1: Click Start menu and Select RUN.
2: Now type SYSEDIT.EXE in Run and press Enter key.
3: System Configuration Editor will appear. Here you can see multiple windows but you will select SYSTEM.INI
4: This window contains a line [386enh].
5: Now after this line type [irq14=4096].
6: Now close this window and save it.
7: Restart your system.

And you will surely feel better performance of your system.

Hope You Will Enjoy. Sharing is Caring, Have a Good Day.
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