Jul 21, 2017

Xiaomi Shares Two New MIUI 9 Wallpapers Before Launch

Hey Guys, Read our latest article "Xiaomi Shares Two New MIUI 9 Wallpapers" before launch.
Xiaomi had already confirmed that MIUI 9 would be released on July 26, along with the Xiaomi Mi 5X phone. The company has brought to light two wallpapers for downloading the new MIUI 9. You can take a look at the bottoms below, but if you want to download them in full size, go directly to the source of the article (footer) Which will take you to the MIUI page and there you can do with them.

These wallpapers are probably familiar to you, because they were made by Xiaomi in a recent MIUI 9 teaser, the company showed the home screen and lock screen a couple of days ago and used these same wallpapers. One of the wallpapers is more colorful than the second, it fits any type of 'Material Design' configuration without any problem, while the other is much more subtle, showing different types of blue. That said, MIUI will be quite similar to MIUI 8 in terms of design it seems, and according to rumors. We need to see the application drawer, where there will be some other setting surely.

Xiaomi with its MIUI 9 will bring new features as well as the expected PIP (Picture-in-Picture), while the split-screen function will also be part of the update. MIUI 9 also rumored to offer improved responsiveness and fluidity, something that was lost in part in the current version. In addition, it will also be more conservative as far as battery is concerned, and according to reliable sources, will have features that have not yet been filtered, that you can take it as something safe. The update will be announced as we said on July 26 in China, although we are still not sure when Xiaomi will start distributing this update to its devices, in which the Xiaomi Mi 6 is sure to be the first to receive MIUI 9.


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