May 26, 2018

Download Network Spoofer v2.4.0-1 Apk [Change Websites on a Wifi Network]


Version: 2.4.0-1
Rating: 4.9*
Updated: Aug 15, 2017
Android: 2.3 and above
Developer: w-shackleton

How to Hack Android Device Network Using Network Spoofer [Step-by-Step]
Salam Friends! Hope you all are Fine'Shine Today we share How to Hack Android Device Network Using Network Spoofer. Network Spoofer lets you change websites on other people’s computers from an Android phone. For more such amazing posts Follow Us. You can also get Us on Facebook , Twitter & Google+.

Here you can download Network Spoofer from the download link below & we'll guide you how to hack someone's PC or Android Smartphone Network using Network Spoofer from Android Device. Please note that there is no intention for Network Spoofer to include any malicious features. This application is a fun demonstration of how vulnerable home networks are to simple attacks, with permission of the network owner - "DO NOT" attempt to use Network Spoofer on any corporate or other non-residential networks (eg. at school, university). It becomes very obvious when Network Spoofer is being used on a Network, and use of Network Spoofer will be considered malicious hacking by network administrators.


You can use network Spoofer to...
  • Flip text upside down
  • Flip pictures upside down
  • Delete random words from websites
  • Replace words on websites with others
  • Change all pictures to Trollface
  • Redirect websites to other pages
  • Make websites experience gravity
  • Wobble all pictures / graphics around a bit
  • A few custom modes for you to have your own fun!
It is a very easy to use if you are looking to prank your friends.

Network Spoofer gets detected by my antivirus software:

  • Network Spoofer is detected as a virus by some programs due to the way these programs search for viruses.
    - See the ‘Effectiveness‘ section of the Wikipedia page on Heuristic analysis.
  • Other problems are caused by antivirus software on your phone - this doesn't mean it's malicious. Please note that Network Spoofer is not a virus, malware or any sort of spyware.
    - Nothing is done to your phone, only to websites visited. No data is collected from these websites.

Network Spoofer v2.4.0-1 Requirements:

Network Spoofer runs on Android devices with the following requirements:
  • Which has Wifi.
  • Which are Rooted.
The first can be obtained by using a custom firmware such as CyanogenMod. Alternatively search on the internet for instructions on how to root your phone.

How to Install Network Spoofer v2.4.0-1 on Android:

  1. Go to Settings > Security and Enable "Unknown Sources" option on your Android device to manually install the game from outside Google Play Store via external links.
  2. Install Apk file from the download link below and save it on your device’s internal memory or external SD card.
  3. Open any file manager app on your device or the location where you saved the Apk file and tap on it to install game.
  4. Once complete, go to the app drawer and tap on the newly installed game’s icon and start playing.
  5. Done. Stay Tune for more updates. @Androidiapa

Download Link below:


Our Tutorials (Guide) are designed to aid aspiring Pen Testers/Security Enthusiasts in Learning New Skills, we only Recommend that you Test this Tutorial on a system that belongs to YOU. We do not accept responsibility for anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to try to use this to attempt to hack systems that do not belong to you. Thanks.

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