Sep 15, 2017

Seven Useful Tips from Experts in Android App Development

Seven Useful Tips from Experts in Android App Development
With Google being the largest hub for apps and users becoming more aware of the advanced technologies, it has become an imperative benchmark for Android app developers to create and craft apps that can increase their chances of overall success. So, if you too are heading towards creating another app for the androids and this time wants to troubleshoot all sorts of errors and mistakes, then here we present you the top 7 tips from experts in this industry.

1. Work in line with the Google’s Android Design Guidelines

Google has always been liberal, and this time it has introduced an all new set of guidelines to design Android apps. What do you need to do? As per the experts, you just have to stick to the guidelines. This will even help you create a highly intuitive app that your users can comprehend well and one that they will enjoy using again and again. The navigational drawer is one such example that is delineated as an important guideline to ensure that the apps designed are stable and consistent during the overall course of use.

2. Practice what is ‘In Vogue’

Users today are more intelligent and knowledgeable than they were in the previous times. So, if you want to create an android app that can please them, then it is essential that you stick to the latest trends and practices. With continuous advancements in technologies, it is even more important to contemplate all possible solutions and implement only those that can land you in a winning situation.

3. ‘User Input’ is Equally Important

If you are wondering how you can make your app more interactive, engaging, and win trust from users, then the best way is to ask for their feedbacks. According to the experts, users love when you respect and respond to their feedbacks! Respond to their feedbacks, create related forums and communities, and you never know when any of your users might provide you with a new spectacular idea. Also, paying attention to user’s input will not just help you to gain their trust, but will also keep you aware of what your users expect from you and the app.

4. Get a Clear Picture of the Android Market

If you want to be a proficient Android app developer, then you need to know the market. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform as per the standards. There is no surprise in the fact that Android market has more users than the other operating systems in the world. But the one way you can get into the market is through a ‘Freemium model.’ The other ways you can adopt to earn revenue are affiliate programs, gaming apps, and in-app advertisements. One of the chief factors to consider while following any of these ideas is to keep check of the geographical location and the niche segment you wish to target.

5. Know your Competition

Sitting in your own den and within your own comfort zone is not going to help you get through the intense market competition out there. The Android market is truly very big, and it is important for you to know your competition well. Be aware of the apps, ideas, and technologies; your competition is implementing and presenting to the customers. Know about their unique features and exclusive business models. Consider this as a learning method and let the competition be healthy!

6. Ensure Your Apps are Optimized

Users always despise slow performing applications, particularly those that capture lots of unnecessary space. The size and speed of the app play a pivotal role in breaking the deal. It is because these are two most important elements in an app for most of the users. A tip from the experts to increase the speed of your Android app is to stay away from using unnecessary memory space. A common mistake that most of the beginners make is to use unwanted variables or objects in the app that reduces the speed of the app.

7. Strategize a Strong Marketing Plan

You have created an awesome mobile app, but it will fail to target the specific audience, till it is marketed well. If you don’t have a strong advertising plan, then you will not be able to target the customers in the wide market. So, besides spending most of your time on developing an android app, equally important is to spend quality time in defining a marketing plan. Also, make sure you promote it well as only then your app will be able to reap you enough gains.

So, follow these tips from experts Android app developers and create a recipe of planning, creating, and implementing a successful Android app that the users will love and that can bring you revenue.
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Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Digital Marketing Services, Web Designing and Android App Development.
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