Sep 13, 2017

The Lie About the Blue Whale Game [Info]

The Lie About the Blue Whale Game [Information]
Salam Friends! Today we'll talk about The Lie Behind the Blue Whale Game Challenge. I Got Information About The Blue Whale Challenge And The Story About It, it's False.

The News about the suicides lied, none had links to a real or trustful website, the "number where you get the challenges", It's a normal one, the video that introduces you to the blue whale challenge its part of a creepypasta, which name I don't remember, and the challenge itself it's fake, It was all a lie made by a Russian tv chain.

The Creator of it talked, Philip Budikin "I think that was the name", and all the stories about it are false. If you search for the web news site (Saint Peterburg), which is the one that it's supposed to be the one that informed the world about Philip Budikin and his Game/Challenge.

You can notice it's false, it doesn't exist. Awh and, some of the suicides were real but they had nothing to do with the Blue Whale thing.


You Are All Safe, But Still, Do Not Click The Links, Those Were Made By People That Wanted To Use That Lie As An Excuse For Hack Some People.

The video where I got all the info and links, are in Spanish.
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