Sep 15, 2017

What improved the first update in Galaxy Note 8?

What improved the first update in Galaxy Note 8?
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Massive shipments of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have not even begun yet, but the first update of its software has already been made available. As expected, a number of improvements have come with it, which will increase the pleasure of consumers from using their new smartphones. After all, much depends on the software of the device.

Some consumers have already received Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Deliveries of smartphones have been limited. And here the novelty received its first software update even before a wider audience of buyers could hold the novelty in their hands - the mass production of the device will take place only on Sep 15, 2017.

A software update is always a significant event for the user of any smartphone. Especially when it comes to the first update of one of the most notable flagships of 2017.

The new version of the software (N950FXXU1AQI1), according to Peter (Peter) on the pages of the resource with reference to, thanks to the first update has improved the stability of the camera's fax application. Wireless charging will work better. In addition, increased the overall performance of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
In addition, it is noted that the security patch remains "August." The security update for September has not yet been provided. The update is available to customized versions of the smartphone, for example, those that are sold by the operator Vodafone.

One of the most impressive modern smartphones and the first device Samsung has equipped with a dual camera has become the most anticipated, along with the new iPhone X and 8, a novelty of late summer - early autumn 2017. Its technical characteristics are excellent, but in fact, far from everything is determined only by the powerful parameters of "iron". The software of the mobile device plays not less, but sometimes even more significant role for the user, which interacts with the software, rather than with the chipset device.

And it is this one that determines the user's impressions of the device. It is through the software that the user gets access to the functionality, including the hardware, for example, to the camera. Moreover, even if the functions are theoretically supported by the hardware of the smartphone, but not implemented in software, the device owner can not use them. For this reason, it is very important that the software work stably, be comfortable and beautiful.

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