Oct 26, 2017

You Can Now Go Live On Instagram With A Friend [News]

You Can Now Go Live On Instagram With A Friend
Salam Friends! Yesterday we posted "Google Launches Pay with Google Payment Service" And Now we are going to post regarding Instagram Go Live With, Feature News "You Can Now Go Live On Instagram With A Friend [News]". Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Subscribe to our Email updates. And Solve the Given Captcha.
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In Instagram appeared function of a joint live broadcast. It started testing in August, now the update is available to all users.

The new feature allows you to add another user to your broadcast, at any time, delete or replace it. During the live broadcast, as well as during the usual, the audience will be able to leave the likes and comments. Video broadcasts can be saved to your phone and later shared through Stories.

To add another person to your live broadcast, just click on the new icon in the lower right corner and then select the "Add" option. When you connect a new user, the screen is divided in half.

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The live broadcast function appeared in Instagram in November 2016. The Stories division is used daily by more than 250 million users around the world. In Russia, Instagram uses 14.4 million people, that is, about 10% of the country's inhabitants. Also, according to the results of recent studies, the maximum number of Instagram users in Russia is concentrated in Moscow - every fourth inhabitant of the capital is registered in this social network. In St. Petersburg - one in five. Cumulatively, about 22.5% of the population live in Russian cities with a million population, and almost 52% of all Instagram users in Russia are concentrated.

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