Oct 31, 2017

Android Users Spend A Lot Of Time On Applications [Interesting News]


Salam Friends! Hope you guys are fine'shine, Today we share Information about using applications from App Annie has proved that we love mobile applications, and recently we love them more than ever. In the third quarter of 2017, smartphone users set a record for the use of mobile applications. There are some amazing facts that you will be happy to know.

Did you know that for 3 months of this year, Android users used applications for 325 billion hours? So many hours can be counted in 37 million years, and this is 40 percent more than in the third quarter of last year. By the way, the number of downloads of applications for iOS and Android for the year increased by 8 percent, reaching 26 billion.

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There are a few more facts about applications in the third quarter. Increased spending on in-app purchases in applications. This could be predicted. Users spent about $17 billion, which is 28 percent more than last year. More money was spent by Apple users, but more apps were downloaded from Google Play.
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