Oct 7, 2017

Galaxy S8 has a problem with sending and receiving SMS [News]

Galaxy S8 has a problem with sending and receiving SMS [News]
Salam Friends! I'm here with another big News. It seems that the Galaxy S8 is struggling with one of the main functions of a smartphone. And You Also check latest MOD APK here.

Sending and receiving text messages is one of the main things that you can do on a mobile phone. It is not necessary for this to have an iPhone or Android device, but the experience of exchanging SMS is still more pleasant on smartphones, where there are various alternatives for correspondence with family or friends. That's why it's so strange to hear that the Galaxy S8 is prone to unpredictable sending and receiving text messages.

Galaxy S8 users on the Reddit portal began to report that not all messages are delivered to recipients, even if they are marked as sent.

At my Galaxy S8 and for last month I have received only about half of the messages which were sent to me by my wife, - one of the users informs.
- At first, I accused her of the unsuccessful choice of the device (iPhone), but only now my brother also said that he wrote to me, while I did not receive a single message, he uses Google Pixel.

It is not known what causes this error and how widespread it is, but there are several other topics on Reddit that describe similar problems - here and here.

Currently, there are no ways to fix this bug. If such errors occur, you can try to reset APN, network settings or clear the cache. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this will help. In addition, it is possible to detect this problem only by comparing the history of correspondence with one of the contacts.
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