Oct 11, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S5: 3 Best Custom ROMs

Samsung Galaxy S5: 3 Best Custom ROMs
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Here are the three best custom ROMs for Galaxy S5 smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best Samsung smartphones that the company has ever produced. The Galaxy S5 has decent hardware specs. Android custom ROMs are developed to help users tap into the full potential of their device. You'll find many Android custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 but not all of them offer the same level of the stable features, performance, and device customization tools. That's why to make your search of the custom ROMs for the Galaxy S5 easier, we're going to let you know about the top 3 custom ROMs available to the Galaxy S5 mobile phone. These ROMs are picked based on their features, smooth performance, and plenty of personalization tools. Note that the custom ROMs below work with Galaxy S5 SM-G900H/I/M/T variants. Unfortunately, the Verizon S5 SM-G900V is not supported.

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1: Omega ROM for Galaxy S5:


Omega is the best custom ROM currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. It is very popular among the users of the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and newer Galaxy smartphones. The main reason for Omega's popularity is its stable firmware that is extremely responsive even on a device with slow processors and low memory. Omega ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 is based on the improved version of the stock firmware. It allows you to remove bloatware or install only the selected bloatware during the setup process.

The interface of the Omega ROM might appear similar to that on the official stock firmware but you can customize it from the custom ROM's settings. After installing, open an app named Omega Files. Inside the app, there are several themes, launcher, MODs, and apps for different ROM versions. If you like the look and feel of the stock firmware but at the same time want to enjoy more features on it, go with Omega. Download Omega ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 from the given link below.

2: Echoe Illusion ROM for Galaxy S5:


First custom ROM on our list is the Echoe Illusion ROM. This ROM was available for previous Samsung Galaxy phones as well. This time it has improved functions and stable tweaks. Echoe brings QuadView feature for the Samsung Galaxy S5. You may not be able to get the multi-window on the Galaxy S5 stock firmware, but you can get it in this ROM. Moreover, it allows you use the call button directly in the contact card.

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The ROM is available in several languages. It also a Gravity Box Xposed Module built into it, lots of other useful features. This Galaxy S5 ROM allows you to select different kernels. It offers a modified version of the stock TouchWiz launcher as well as different shutdown & boot animations. Download Echoe Illusion ROM from the link below.

3: X-Note ROM for Galaxy S5:


X-Note is the best feature packed custom ROM that you can use on the Samsung Galaxy S5. It comes with wide range of customization tools for smartphones. X-Note allows you to do everything you like. You can use it to change the colors of toggles, icons, text, active indicators, app interfaces, and more. It allows you to hide or show the speed meter, clock view, data mode, and other features. Download X-Note ROM from the link below.

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