Apr 15, 2018

TeaTV APK Latest Version APK

TeaTV APK  Latest Version APK

TeaTV APK: There are plenty of abundant streaming players in the market for streaming high-quality content such as movie, TV shows, Tv series likes GOT, Narcos etc but a new player on the market gives a good stable HD connection streams even when you don’t have a good internet connection. The latest version of TeaTV can be a great deal for people using Showbox and other content streaming apps.

Features of TeaTV APK

  •          Stream HD movies anywhere on the planet
  •          Never miss another TV series
  •          Support for offline download
  •          No BS and signup’s
  •          Great UI and search implementation
  •          Less size than the competition.

How to install TeaTV APK

TeaTV works on  Peer to Peer streamline concept which lets you watch and download videos from your peers.TeaTV app neither hosts nor uploads these files to any servers. It acts as a search engine to find the relevant streamlines for your just like google does for searching your content.
Due to it’s less space and good code integration it is one of the fastest growing streaming player on the internet.
Follow the instructions below to start downloading the TeaTV APK.

Download TeaTV for Android

App name
Package name
Minimum Requirements
Download Size
19.0 MB
Stream HD movies and TV shows with high quality
Updated On
April 10, 2018

What’s new in TeaTV 6.1r?

  1.         Fix Crash on MTK devices.
  2.         Add Collections in Discover.
  3.         Support Arabic subtitle.
  4.         Fix bugs.

TeaTV Older Versions

            TeaTV 5.2r
TeaTV 5.1r
TeaTV 4.7r
TeaTV 4.6r
TeaTV 4.5r

Features of TeaTV App

  1. Movies and TV Shows are free to watch.
  2.  Download the videos in 480p, 720p and 1080p with HD quality with offline support.
  3. Easy to use UI which is elegant
  4. You can get complete info on your favorite shows and movies on the app’s dashboard
  5. Great sorting features.
  6.  Discover, Movies, TV Shows, and Favourite options are self-explanatory
  7.   Bookmark your favorite tv shows in a breeze.
  8. Simple yet elegant download manager
  9.  Similar Movies and Related Movies based on search criteria.
  10. Enjoy Chromecasting, Watch streams using External Players.Find and Play using Relevant Subtitles and Download the videos.
Pro Tip: To Enable HD content to Menu -> Settings -> Tap Show HD link only to enable it.

How to Install TeaTV App

  1. Download TeaTV Apk from the above link. Follow instructions to install the apk
  2. Got to your setting app and scroll down to security
  3. Under the Device administration tab, Enable Unknown sources options.
  4. Download tea tv apk from our server and store it in an accessible location
  5. Open the File Manager and open the folder in which you have stored.
  6. Find the TeaTV app and click on it to open it. Click on the install button.
  7. Wait for the installation to complete.
Now Start downloading Movies and TV Shows for free.

TeaTV App Highlights

  • Totally four tabs are available. Here is a quick guide on how to use them
  • Discover – Under the section, Sub Section Movies & TV Shows shows the streams that are currently found.
  • Movies – It does have 5 Sub Sections.
  • Category – Actions, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Music, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, TV Movies, Thriller, War, Western.
  • Popular – All time hits & famous movies.
  • Top Rate – Completed sorted list based on ratings and reviews.
  • Now Playing – It shows the movies that are currently playing in the cinemas.
  • Upcoming – List of movies that is soon arriving in the TeaTV app.
  • TV Shows – For easy navigation, it’s divided into 4 Sub Section.
  • Popular – Most watched TV Shows.
  • Top Rate – Sorted based on reviews.
  • On TV – Latest TV Shows or sometimes Old that might be repeating broadcast.
  • Airing Today – Live TV Shows currently being watched.
  • Favourite – Two Subsection.
  • Favorite – Movies or TV Shows bookmarked by you.
  • Recents – Shows the history.

How to use TeaTV App

TeaTV app is very much similar to apps like Showbox, Terrarium TV etc. The interface is almost identical to using the app will be very easy and user-friendly.
  1. Once you open the app for the first time, you will be prompted with “Choose Subtitle Language” to continue.
  2. Now you can find Movies and TV Show section that currently displays the latest ones that have been updated.
  3. Browse your favorite movies by scrolling down else the easiest way to navigate is by using the year filter or by directly using the search option.
  4. To Enable the Filters, Tap on the reorder icon and Select any desired year you want.
  5. Else tap on the Search icon and Enter the “Name of the Movies or TV Show” and find it.
  6. On any of the above option if you can find the respective Movie or Show then tap on it.
  7. For, eg, When I search for My Favorite movie ‘Interstellar’, The list of movies that relate to the search term is displayed.
  8. Tap on the exact thumbnail to open it. Now you can find the following things: Produce by, Category, Date of release, Description, and Cast.
  9. If you are searching for any TV Shows there is a small difference in the interface before you can play the streams.
  10. Select the respective season, For Game of Thrones: Choose “Season 1 to Season 7” with the help of drop down box.
  11. If in a TV Show then choose from the list of Episodes that are displayed below else on a movie then tap on the above Video to start fetching the streams. Wait until it populates the page with various working streams at different resolutions.
  12. A new pop up box opens after tapping on any link with Play, Play with, Play with Subtitles, and Download.
  13. Tap on ‘Play’ to start playing the video using the inbuilt player available in TeaTV app.
  14. Tap on ‘Play with..” to Choose any external apps like MX Player or Localcast to start mirroring etc.
  15. Tap on ‘Play with Subtitles‘ finds the relevant subs. Now tap on it to ‘unzip the subtitles’ and Start playing.
  16. Tap on ‘Download’ to get it on your device. Start controlling the download by using the ‘Download Manager’.
  17. Use the Player controls to control the video stream.
  18. Follow the same procedure to enjoy Movies and TV Shows on-the-go.

How to Update TeaTV Apk

We recommend updates or download through WiFi to avoid interruptions. It can be enabled in Settings by tapping on ‘WiFi only’ option.

Please feel to comment and let us know your questions in the comment section.

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