Jul 24, 2018

20 Best Android Budget Apps For Money Management

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It is very important to have a Budget for the money you earn. The best way to keep the track of your expenses and revenue is to use a smart app. A budget app gives you the liberty to maintain your expenses and revenues without any hassle. It becomes easy to pay your bills on time. Money is earned after a lot of hard work and this needs to be spent wisely. Making the correct choice of budget and money management app could be a daunting task. But you need not worry as we have simplified the task, we bring you a list of 20 Best Android Budget Apps For Money Management. :)

Money Manager Expense & Budget App

If you are looking for a personal assistant then look no further as Money Manager Expense & Budget app will help you with your financial planning. It is a great asset management tool which will assist you in tracking spending and budgeting. The app records both your business and personal financial transactions which will help access your financial data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and generate expense reports. The expense tracker app includes features like dual-entry bookkeeping, budget, and expenses in graph form, credit and debit card management, asset transfers, stats, widgets and more. The interface is user-friendly which makes it easy to access as it gives you a visual idea of your finances. The app is free, but the free version only allows 10 assets and comes with ads. You can go for the paid version which comes without any restriction and PC manager function.

My Budget Book App

my-budget-book-apkMy Budget Book helps you manage your money more effectively through easy recording of your income and expenses. My Budget Book app is a full-fledged budgeting app with come with a lot of details and allows you to set limits by category. This helps you know how much you need to spend on clothes, food, entertainment etc. IT comes with a 100% offline support and is themed. The app is free of any distractions like ads or in-app purchases. The Material Design interface is user-friendly and is highly customizable. It comes with a cross-platform support and can export your files to HTML or CSV. Overall it is a brilliant budgeting app but has one major drawback, it will cost you around $4 per year.

Expense Manager App

expense-manager-app-apk100% FREE - full features, no hidden charges or in-app purchases by Bishinews, a top rated developer by Google. Expense Manager is yet another free app to track your expenses and incomes. You can record each minutely as it allows you to record transaction with different category and amount. It consists of features where you can track your tax, take picture of your receipt, track mileage, track debts, Credit Card and bank SMS message parsing and also Write, Print, and check emails. The app comes with support for different languages and has many customizable options like the background color, action bar color, and button color. You can also customize date format, category, and subcategory. customized and has multiple currency support as well. The app has some handy tools like the Interest calculator, Loan calculator, Currency converter, Tip Calculator, note and shopping list.

Monefy - Money Manager App

monefy-money-manager-app-apkHow to track your expenses successfully? We know that it’s easy. You only need to add each expense you do, no more than that! And Monefy is going to help you. Monefy - Money Manager is a useful app with an easy to use interface which makes you operate it with ease. The app conveniently allows you to add your expense records quickly. All your spending records are displayed as a record list or in the form of a chart. Along with this it also has features like pass-code protection, a built-in calculator, currency selection, synchronization using Dropbox, lock screen widgets, a budget mode, easy backup and export of data. You can also manage your other expense categories like Bills, Eating Out, Car, Entertainment, Clothes etc. The app is free of cost and you can create multiple accounts as well. It also has a paid version which comes without restrictions and promotional ads, but a free version would be a good start.

Financial Calculators App

financial-calculators-app-apkFor phone and tablet, this application includes the complete package of financial calculators by Bishinews, a Google rated top developer: The app is a combination of various calculators which will help you in managing your finances. Some of the tools you will find loan calculator which enables you to calculate your what payments and interest will be like. The app is loaded with three to four dozen calculators which assist you from buying to fixed vs adjustable rate and even a return-on-investment calculator. It does not manage your money like other apps but will prompt you from making any bad financial decisions on upcoming purchases. The app is available for free.

My Finances App

my-finances-app-apkMy Finances app is a perfect tool for expense control and manage home budget. Home budget management will become easier from now.  My Finances comes with a natural flare where the app allows users to create categories and subcategories. Each of these categories and sub-categories can be identified by different colors making them distinct from each other. The app allows you to create multiple accounts. It allows to enter repeated operations and make you understand where your money is spent on statistics and charts. The app allows you to customize the start date of your month according to the date you receive your salary. The app will be introducing a few more features as suggested by the app developers yet it has received a warm response with a plenty of users already using it.

Mobills: Budget Planner App

mobills-budget-planner-app-apkMobills is a budget planning app that allows you to create a custom monthly budget that will help you take control of your money. You are able to manage your money, track your spending, and achieve your financial goals all in one place. With Mobills app you can take control of your finances in a few minutes and have financial peace of mind every month. Another best budget app for Android available for free on Google Play. With a clean user interface and no third party apps makes it the right choice for you. It easily synchronizes your transaction data on to cloud storage. Whereas the credit card feature allows you to manage your credit cards. The dashboard looks brilliant which displays an overview, expenses by category, this month’s budget, and pending income and expenses.

Mint Budget, Bills, Finance App

mint-budget-bills-finance-app-apkFinally, there’s one place to manage all your finances with ease. Mint app is the free money manager and financial tracker app from the makers of TurboTax that does it all. Mint has been around since a long time, as actually it was introduced as a replacement for the older app named Mint Bills. Both the apps are bought to us by Intuit which also own the TurboTax app. Loaded with many features make you operate the app with ease. The app allows handling all your expenses and revenues in one place. This makes it easy for you to manage your money and bills If you want it can also pay your bills. The app comes with features which provide your credit score, upcoming bill repayment reminder, is secure with its multi-factor authentication and a web app which you can use. Though some of the banking feature which is specific to the US and Canada region where users can link their bank account with the app.

Walnut: Money Manager & AI-Based SMS Spam Blocker App

walnut-app-apkWalnut is the best money manager app to automatically and securely track your monthly spends. Walnut yet another personal finance app worth mentioning which can manage your financial situation. The app automatically and securely tracks your monthly spends. You can also set it up as your default SMS app. The app comes with support for over 40 regional banks in the US. Allows you to transfer funds as well. Allows you to easily search for expenses, tags or notes. The app is available for free on Google Play. Optionally, set Walnut as your default SMS app and get the best SMS Spam and Fraud protection.

YNAB - Budget, Personal Finance App

ynab-app-apkYNAB - Budget, Personal Finance app will help you break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and save more money. Ynab is a paid app but comes with a 34 day trial period which allows you to review the app and make a decision if you wish to buy. The paid version will cost you around $50 annually. The app comes with tips which will surely keep track of your expenses and give a helping hand in making you aware of the required changes in money matters. Infact the name YNAB literally means "You Need A Budget". If you decide to go for the paid version, it offers you access to support team 24*7 with free live workshops and more.

Toshl Finance - Personal Budget & Expense Tracker App

toshl-finance-app-apkToshl Finance is a good choice when it comes to organizing your expense and revenues. The app allows you to create a personal account and manage your budget and enter your expenses into various categories. Track all your credit cards, bank accounts and cash in one place. Toshl Finance helps more than 2 million people keep track of their personal finances. Know your finances. Have fun! Like many other apps, Toshi Finance also allows you to export your reports into PDF, Excel, GDocs and CSV files. Toshii Finance is available for free. "Of all the apps for monitoring spending, one of the hardest to beat is Toshl Finance." - New York Times

Google Sheet App

google-sheets-app-apkCreate, edit and collaborate with others on spreadsheets from your Android phone or tablet with the Google Sheets app. Traditionally finance has always been tracked using a spreadsheet, pretty old school. Google sheet allows you to note your expenses and revenues by simply entering them in the cells. It can be a little tedious but where possibilities are endless, using various formula and features related to the spreadsheet app will make your task easier. You can easily manage your income, expenses, and other data at the end of every month. Format cells, enter or sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace and more. Never worry about losing your work - everything is saved automatically as you type. Google Sheets app is free for download on Google Play.

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance App

goodbudget-app-apkGoodbudget (formerly EEBA, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid) is a money manager and expense tracker that’s great for home budget planning. Goodbudget is the best budget app which runs on Android as well as iOS. It can easily sync data on both platforms seamlessly. Its features allow you to track expenses, income, and some other decent budgeting tools. The Material Design makes it look stunning. The app allows you to export your data as a CSV file, QFX (for Quicken), and OFX (Microsoft Money). The free version offers you with a basic feature, for premium features you will have to go for the paid version. The best income and expense tracking tool. Ever. Yup.

Prism Pay Bills, Track Money, Personal Finance App

prism-pay-bills-app-apkFinally, never miss a bill or pay late fees. Effortlessly manage all of your bills and financial accounts in one app, for free. We automatically track your bills & send due date reminders. Save money with the #1 money management app! Prism Pay Bills is a simple yet powerful app which is available free of cost. The app is able to track your bank balance, your bills by due date, and receive notifications when new bills are due.The app is secure and allows you to make your bill payments directly via the app or schedule your future payments as well. These features will be available only when you sign into your bank and your bill accounts in order to do this. The app is secure as the data and other personal details are hidden behind encryption as well as a firewall. The device can also be blocked if you choose to deauthorize it.

Money Lover: Expense Tracker, Budget Money Manager App

money-lover-app-apkDon’t ever let your money stress you out. Money Lover is the one simple personal finance app that helps you easily manage money and keep track of daily expense. You can stay on top of your budgets and bills anytime, anywhere. Money lover is an acclaimed app as it was one of the 5 best apps at Google I/O 2017. A complete well designed app to keep track of your financial transactions. You should consider it as a good financial management tool to handle your income and expenses, financial reports, budget monitoring and spending projection.With features that allow you to customize categories and icons, it offers an eye-pleasing interface. You can also backup your account via Dropbox, Email or Dash clock extension. The app comes free of cost but a paid version will come without restrictions, without ads and allow export of CSV or Excel sheet, unlimited wallets, and events.

Wallet - Money, Budget, Finance & Expense Tracker App

wallet-app-apkWallet app is your personal finance planner that helps you save money, plan your budget and track spending. You will become your own finance manager. Wallet is a powerful app which allows you to settle down and quickly react to your noisy financial situation. This happens because the app allows you to sync your balance and transactions from your banks. The app also comes with a Material design interface and also a feature where it allows you to share your wallet account with others like your accountant etc. Some of the other additional features like multiple currencies, cloud syncing, warranty tracking, templates, shopping lists are amazing and support for exporting files of various types.

Expensify App

expensify-app-apkWith over five million users worldwide, Expensify is the #1 tool for expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel. Snap a photo of your receipt using SmartScan and Expensify takes care of the rest! Expensify is a detailed app for users who wish to keep a detail note of their expenses and bills easily. The allows you to combine all your personal and corporate expenses making it easy to present bills and recover expenses. It comes with a feature where you can import credit cards and bank accounts as well as record all the expenses you incur during the day. Designed for small businesses, accountants, and individuals who are sick of wasting time with spreadsheets, Expensify streamlines business travel and tax compliance with expense reports that don’t suck!

Spending Tracker App

spending-tracker-app-apkSpending tracker is a perfect way to manage your expense and track your spending. The app comes with many features like flexible time periods, summary view, quick logging of expenses and income, reports, categories, a widget. It also allows a multiple account support so you can separate business, personal money, and savings. The app manages your expenses and helps track your spending. The app design comes with a unique layout for tablets and comes with special money saving tips depending on your location.

The comes feature which allows you to set your budget accordingly ie monthly, weekly or daily and the remaining amount is carried forward. Spending tracker app comes free of cost, but also includes an in-app purchase which is necessary if you wish to sync your app data with other Android devices.

MoneyWise App

Get a grip of your personal finances and track your everyday expenses using this top rated money management app. With MoneyWise you can create budgets and monitor cash flow. MoneyWise app is available for free and yet another best money management app that you will enjoy. The app is capable to manage all your financial expenses you incur each day. The app comes with a magnificent user interface which makes maneuvering easy while you see your spending by day, week or month. You can access your spending with a glance at it graphically presents your cash flows and creates budgets which help you spend and manage your income accordingly. Users can also integrate HTML and Excel files as the app allows you to export, print and save these files. Good app to install and analyse the ratio in which we spent our money in a month.

Easypaisa - Your Mobile Banking App

Your mobile banking app is actually a pretty decent budget app as well. You can view your balance, recent transactions, pay bills online, transfer money, book movie and transportation tickets, and more. Some banks have more features than others. However, they all usually get the basics right. Those who only need basic budgeting tools can usually make do with just their banking app. Many credit card companies also have official apps and you can use those much like banking apps. The other budget apps on this page have more features for budgeting. However, most people use mobile banking apps anyway.

The Easypaisa App allows you to manage your finances from the comfort of your home. Now pay your bills, shop online, book movie and transportation tickets all with the tap of a button. With a simple and easy to use platform, navigate to where you want to go and make your desired transactions. Manage your insurance, school fees and/or make donations to all the biggest and most trusted charities of Pakistan. Handling your finances has never been this easy.

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