Jul 26, 2018

Google Play Store Apps Could be Sneaking Malware onto Your Android Device

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Have you noticed your Android device has been slower and riddled with annoying pop-ups lately? You might have contracted malware that made its way onto your phone through the Google Play Store.

In a report, technical support site BleepingComputer details a growing trend in mobile malware that involves the use of a tool known as a "dropper," which hides code within an app.

While the dropper is contained within such applications, it starts out being benign, which makes it more difficult for Google’s standard security tests to detect. As soon as these droppers are on your Android device, over time, they will may import malware to attack in numerous stages. Hackers will sometimes include additional aspects such as the addition of a timer that spaces out deployments of malware and subsequent payloads.

Security researcher Gaetan van Diemen, a security researcher said to BleepingComputer, “It is quite difficult to detect dropper apps. As you can imagine, threat actors will put a lot of energy in keeping those apps undetected.”

There are actually a couple of ways you can keep your Android device safe. Security experts are recommending keeping your Android device’s operating system updated, being very cautious when it comes to which applications you decide to download from the Google Play Store, and to generally utilize common sense when downloading apps.

Personally, this makes me want to think twice about the apps I choose to download. How about you?

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Source: Latesthackingnews.com
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