Jul 6, 2018

In Smartphones Huawei and Xiaomi Found An Application Spying On Users

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According to The Wall Street Journal, about a hundred models of smartphones implemented in developing countries, contain a pre-installed application of the research company GMobi to collect information about users. The program accumulates personal data of owners of infected devices, which are used to demonstrate targeted advertisements.

Application for shadowing:

The official site of GMobi says that the company works with more than 100 electronics manufacturers around the world, including Huawei, Xiaomi, and BLU, and the total audience of the application is about 150 million users. According to the GMobi CEO, Paul Wu, vendors themselves allow Gmobi to pre-install its program on proprietary devices.

Spyware for Android:

In what Gmobi does, there is nothing criminal, says Wu. The company complies with the laws regulating the collection, storage and processing of personal data of those countries where its application operates. However, the analysis of Gmobi activity showed that the program among other information collects IMEI numbers, MAC addresses, as well as information about the current location of the user and his movements.

At a request sent by journalists from The Wall Street Journal, representatives of Xiaomi, Huawei, and BLU responded that they had never cooperated with GMobi, observing the priority of confidentiality of user data. To explain how the application Gmobi was sewn into firmware employees of press services of all three vendors could not.

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Source: androidinsider.ru
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