Oct 9, 2018

Epic Games Declared War on Google?

In this post, we'll talk about Epic Games, Google reveals a serious security flaw in the Android version of Epic Games’ famous online game Fortnite. Epic Games Declared War on Google? We hope you enjoy our site and come back for future updates and share our website with your friends. Visit this link & Get the latest updates in your mailbox. You can also connect with us on Facebook & Google+.


Epic Games is known to all not only the most popular Unreal Engine but also Fortnite. In June, the number of Fortnite players increased to 125 million. This is a huge number.

Not so long ago, Fortnite appeared on iOS, many expected to see the game on Google Play soon, but something went wrong. Epic Games has decided to declare war on Google. Let's understand what is happening.

The game will be released together with the start of sales of Galaxy Note 9. However, in the first month, it will be available only to owners of this device. And then it will be distributed through the official website of the game, but not through Google Play.

My colleague Ivan already wrote the news about this. In short, the head of Epic Games does not want to pay Google. And in this situation, it is difficult to say that someone is fully right.

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Apple, like Google, takes with each purchase 30% of itself. At the same time, Epic Games posted its game earlier in the App Store, and there were no disturbances.

In the case of Android, the guys from Epic decided to cheat. The head of Epic Games claims that 30% is a lot, and Google allegedly does not offer anything significant in return. However, what is special about Google from Apple? Never mind!

The decision not to release Fortnite on Google Play is logical in the sense that each company wants to save if it has such an opportunity. On the other hand, Epic Games enjoys the openness of Android and steps over Google.

This is pretty mean, in my opinion, and at the same time, from a financial point of view, such a move is very true, because Epic Games has its own servers, there are millions of accounts and they do not need Google Play to make purchases.

The bottom line is this. Google in a difficult situation, because the feature of Android in the form of openness can be a tool to fight against the company itself, and Epic Games shows us that.

In the end, other developers can go the way of Epic Games, and then Google will have to cut the tax from 30% to, for example, 15-20%.

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