Oct 9, 2018

Google exceeded itself in ensuring the safety of Android users

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Over the past year, privacy has become one of the main topics for discussion in the Internet space. In many ways, this was affected by cases of massive data leakage of users.

To highlight its dissatisfaction with what is happening, Google announced the launch of the Project Strobe program to ensure the safety of users of branded products.

Within its framework, the search giant intends to take a number of measures necessary to limit the abuse of customer data.

Despite the fact that the Project Strobe program has been operating since the beginning of 2018, Google reported on the work done just now.

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One of the most weighty decisions that Google made was the decision to close Google+. The reason was the error in the API of the social network, which provided third-party applications and services with access to user data that was not intended for them.

And although the company doesn’t have any evidence of exploitation of this vulnerability, Google+ has completely discredited itself as a social platform.


Heeding the demands of users, Google announced the introduction of restrictions on the use of Gmail data by third-party applications.

Thanks to them, users will be able to gain more control over their account information, which is accessible to mail clients from independent developers.

Personalized Privilege System

The permission system is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the Android operating system. Its advantage is that users can decide for themselves what kind of data third-party applications can access.

The disadvantage is in its imperfections, because of which the creators of malicious software can deceive all sorts of privileges.

As part of the Project Strobe program, Google decided to personalize the privilege system, giving users more control over the data they share with applications.

For example, if the program will simultaneously request access to calendars and reminders, the user will be able to split the request and limit the privileges by time.

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Calls and SMS

Since many malicious programs in their activities gain access to SMS and calls, thus having the ability to communicate with banks and interfere with their communication with the client, Android OS will no longer give them access to the Contacts API.

Thus, Google expects to minimize the negative effects of the actions of Trojans and viruses.

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