Oct 6, 2018

Google has updated the Google Drive App for Android in the style of Material Design 2.0

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As part of a large-scale campaign to bring branded applications to a single style, in line with the concept of Material Design 2.0, Google redesigned Google Drive for Android OS. The developers from the XDA team, who found in the current version of the application, the information about the upcoming innovations, were convinced of this. Thanks to the update, the mobile client now has become more stylish and at ease to access the cloud storage of the search giant.

In addition to the fact that the updated Google Drive application received a redesign and is now perceived in a completely different way, its interface device has also changed. Many service controls have been redesigned and now provide more efficient interaction with individual cloud functions. For example, from now on, access to application settings opens the bottom pane, uploaded files are displayed as one column, rather than two, as before, and switching between accounts has become possible without opening the side menu.


How Google Drive has changed

In general, to say what has become better means to say nothing. The application interface has become more minimalist and modern, and, unlike the previous one, more suited to the style of Android. Of particular praise is the native support for gestures, the red thread running through the entire operating system Google.


The interface update is already present in the current version of the Google Drive application but has not yet entered into force. It is possible that it was distributed only among a limited number of users in order to test innovations for failures and bugs. This is standard practice for Google, which, for fear of mass update updates due to possible errors, prefers not to release the release version of the software for everyone, but to open access to it gradually.

Download Google Drive App:

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