Oct 13, 2018

Google Screen Call - Learning The Main Function of Pixel 3

In this post, we'll talk about Google Screen Call. Google has a new feature for Pixel phone users. It's called Screen Call, and it's designed to help you better understand who is calling and why. Visit this link & Get the latest updates in your mailbox. You can also connect with us on Facebook & Google+.


Nexus 5 can be called the best Nexus-smartphone. And this is the first time in my memory when Google has equipped its own device with a function that was not available to everyone.

In the case of the Nexus 5, it was at that time about the Google Start launcher, which at first supported only the new flagship of the company.

This time the situation is similar. Google decided to attract consumers with the unique and exclusive feature of Google Screen Call. We will tell about it today.

This feature allows you to answer calls using Google Assistant. During the call, the user can select the Screen Call feature. After selecting the caller, the Assistant answers, warning him that the Screen Call feature is being used.

After which the caller must say for what reason he is calling. On the screen of the smartphone transcript of the interlocutor's speech will be displayed. After that, we can select any response phrase at the bottom of the screen.

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The best way to understand the work of the function is the video below:

This function will be extremely useful not only in the case when you need to protect yourself from spam and unknown people but also in cases when there is no possibility to answer the call.

With the new feature, you can communicate with people without answering the call directly. In addition, the function is useful for people with disabilities.

Google is moving in the right direction because it is artificial intelligence, speech synthesis and NLP that will become part of our future.

By the way, not so long ago, information appeared on the Web that Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, is working on a smartphone that will be able to answer calls. Trends for the near future are defined.

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