Oct 17, 2018

How to Encrypt Data on an Android Device and Access it from a Computer

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The developers of the Finnish studio Jetico, a well-known supplier of data encryption software, have released their BestCrypt Explorer file manager for Android devices.

The application distributed via Google Play, in addition to the possibility of convenient interaction with files, provides them with encryption using AES-256 protocol, preventing unauthorized removal of protected information and at the same time opening access to it from associated devices.

"In the era of the universal digitalization of our privacy, something constantly threatens us, from theft of equipment and cyber attacks to unauthorized access to account data," said Jetico CEO Michael Waxman. 

“BestCrypt Explorer is the long-awaited addition to our data protection product line, which continues Jetico’s mission of keeping our customers' data safe, regardless of the platform they use.”

Download: BestCrypt Explorer APK

Remote Access to Encrypted Data on Android

bestcrypt-explorer-apk After installing "BestCrypt Explorer" on the device, the application will ask for access to data from the memory and contacts. Failure to provide one of the privileges, if you believe the pop-up dialog box, will interfere with the stable operation of all functions of the application, thereby reducing the level of protection it provides.

To create an encrypted folder, go to the My Storage section and, transferring the files you want to protect there, set a strong access password.

If you use Jetico products for desktop OS, you will have the opportunity to create cross-platform containers and get remote access to encrypted files from a computer, smartphone or tablet within one account.

Access is provided by one of the compatible cloud storage's that support the AES-256 encryption protocol. These include, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive.

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