Oct 6, 2018

Interesting Facts About Android

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Android occupies about 80% of the market. In simple words, most smartphone owners are Android users. But how much do you know about the system you are using? Let's find out some interesting facts about Android.

The Operating System Was Not Created By Google

Image: Andy Rubin
Indeed, the Android system was developed in 2003 by Android Inc. The company was named after the nickname of its founder. It is also interesting that initially the system was developed for use in cameras. In 2005, Google bought the company, and Android OS became the operating system for smartphones.

The first Android Smartphone was the HTC Dream


The first Android-smartphone was the HTC Dream. In the UK, the smartphone was sold under the T-Mobile G1 brand. The device had a slider form factor. To access the keyboard, the user had to push the screen up. The convenience of such forms is now in doubt, but in those days it was the norm.

Microsoft did not take Android Seriously


After the release of Android, the head of the marketing department of Windows mobile said that he did not understand how Android could affect the market.

Android is the Market Leader


Since 2013, the market share of Android is growing insignificantly, but growth is still present. It is worth noting the annual slight decline in the share of the iOS market.

Android Sweets


Every new version of Android is named after a sweetness. The latest version of Android has received the name Pie (pie).

Android is based on the Linux kernel


Android is an open source project.


Android source code is available to everyone. That is why we have such a huge number of shells.

Android logo


The Android logo was copied from the Android’s “Gauntlet: The Third Encounter” game, which publisher is Atari Game.

Google is working on a new system

There are rumors on the Web that Google is working on a new operating system, Fuchsia OS, which should be a replacement for Android.

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