Oct 13, 2018

Samsung accidentally declassified the folding Galaxy X ahead of time

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The presentation of a folding smartphone Galaxy X, or Galaxy F, as industry experts call it, may take place this year, and not next, as previously assumed. This is indirectly indicated by the mention of the innovative flagship in the Android 9 Pie for Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

It is expected that the smartphone will be released before the end of December, becoming the first model in the assortment of the South Korean manufacturer, "out of the box" running the current version of Google's mobile OS.

According to the leakage data, the hardware basis of the future Qualcomm brand will be the newest “stone” called Snapdragon 8150.

It is assumed that this is the successor to Snapdragon 845, which will be used in all flagship smartphones of the 2019 model year, and the name so uncharacteristic for all series chipsets may well be explained by the desire of the manufacturer to rebrand.

It is not excluded that the transition to the 7-nanometer technologically process could be the reason for it.

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Galaxy X Specs

It is believed that the foldable Galaxy X will have three 3.5-inch displays each. Two of them will be located on the inside, in the unfolded state forming a single working space, while the third will be located outside.

With it, you can make phone calls, exchange messages and perform other simple actions. At the same time for web surfing, games, or working with text, it will be preferable to turn to the internal screen.

The event dedicated to the Galaxy X will be held in November at a conference of developers, annually organized by Samsung. At the presentation, we are likely to be shown the smartphone itself, will announce its price and specifications, setting the start of sales for the next year.

The inability to bring the device to retail earlier is dictated by the unwillingness of Qualcomm to begin shipments of the proprietary chipset before 2019.

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