Oct 13, 2018

The foldable Galaxy X is a full-fledged tablet in the body of the Smartphone

In this post, we'll talk about Galaxy X. The head of Samsung Mobile: the foldable Galaxy X is a full-fledged tablet in the body of the smartphone. Visit this link & Get the latest updates in your mailbox. You can also connect with us on Facebook & Google+.


Folding Galaxy X will be able to provide the experience of using a full-fledged tablet with the compactness of a regular smartphone.

This is the general director of the mobile division of Samsung Electronics Dong-chin Koch said during a press conference on the release of the four-chamber Galaxy A9.

According to him, the future novelty will turn the idea of consumers about the ultimatum devices for work, certainly becoming a significant release for the entire smartphone industry.

"If we start delivering a folding smartphone, then we are confident that it will become a significant product for all our customers," Koch said on the sidelines of the event. - If the user experience does not meet my personal standards, I simply will not allow the appearance of such a product on the market. It is possible that when we start selling a folding smartphone, it may become a niche product, but we are sure of this, its popularity will grow. I am absolutely sure that we need a folding smartphone. ”

What is Unique About the Galaxy X

According to Koch, the engineers and management of Samsung have high hopes for the Galaxy X, which will certainly be strikingly different from the company's previous experiments.

The upcoming new, promises Koch, will be available in all markets where Samsung Electronics has been operating, and will not disappear from sale after several months, as happened with test models like the curved Galaxy Round in 2013.

Galaxy X - Presentation

A preliminary presentation of the Galaxy X is to take place in November at the Samsung Developers Conference. At this event, it is likely that the smartphone itself will be shown to us, they will be told about its capabilities, but will keep silent about the hardware specifications.

In any case, if we assume that the device will be based on the flagship Snapdragon 2019 model year, there is an extremely low probability that Qualcomm will give the Koreans the right to announce its latest “stone”.

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